Live Site - Right Care Data Tools

There are two data tools to support the elective surgery commissioning guides, the result of a collaborative project between the Royal College of Surgeons, Surgical Specialty Associations, NHS England and Right Care.

To support the commissioning guides the Quality Dashboards show information derived from Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data. These dashboards show indicators for activity commissioned by CCGs across the relevant surgical pathways and provide an indication of the quality of care provided to patients. An overview video has been created to give a run through of the tool and how you can use it to investigate your areas of interest:

procedures explorer tool and quality dashboards - supporting high value commissioning guidance from Right Care on Vimeo.

The dashboards are supported by a meta data document to show how each indicator was derived. Full instructions are also available which explain how to interpret the Dashboards along with full instructions on how to use the Procedures Explorer Tool.

Using the Procedures Explorer Tool, users can access further detailed information on the delivery of care across these pathways to see how individual commissioners and providers are performing against simple measures. This will enable CCGs and providers to investigate and start a conversation to consider the local interpretation of information on variation.